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Okay guys so I'm looking for advice over a couple of things. Magic is now just over one, when he turned one I used some bailing twine as advised by my yard owner to measure how big a bit Magic would need and it came back as a 5 inch happy mouth snaffle, I got the one with a lozenge in. However today when I went to put it in he let me put it in fine and then kept putting it under his tongue, but every time I went to look in his mouth he'd put his tongue back again. Can anyone give me any advice on whether this is just part of his learning process or whether this is because it's too big or something like this? Or is it just that I am not managing to get the bit high enough? 
See my boy has such a stunning coat, and is looking good, just looking slightly thin at the moment in time. 
Also another thing is Magic has one large feed a day (the amount is still with in the guidelines and restrictions though), and he comes in for an hour or so and will eat one large hay net in this same time. He is then turned out the rest of the time and has three or four fields that he can go in and they have plenty of grass in. I hadn't noticed his weight loss until today so was wondering whether you guys think that he's just having a growth spurt or if it could be something different. I will post pictures with this post. Feel free to comment even if it is criticism as I do love learning from you guys. 
Such bright eyes and wide awake, love my pretty little man.

Other than this Magic and Casper are both doing well, Casper is also struggling with his weight but I have been told that this is due to the fact that he has not been castrated yet, and that if he was to be he could put extra weight on. He's doing really well and he's coming on loads, he's stopped being an over excited puppy and is starting to really listen although of course he still has his mad moments twice away. But like right now he's curled up on my feet chilling out. He's such a loyal dog, he's also doing really well with Magic. Magic is also looking really good other than his weight loss, he's got a really shiny coat and the majority of his baby coat has gone leaving him with a lovely summer coat, he's got really nice bright eyes and an AMAZING mane. I really do love both my fur babies. Both animals are happy which also makes me really happy. 

Sleepy boy after he has had his feed. He really is starting to mature nicely and making me really proud of everything that he does. 
A photo especially for Achieve1Dream, my boys pretty mane :) 

Until Next Time 
Amber Magic and Casper


  1. I'm not sure about the bit, maybe a pic of it in, to see fit? I'd prob start with a simple snaffle, even one of those big rubber ones, less for him to figure out. Maybe just different over here.
    Can Magic be fed twice a day, and maybe a bit more? I've always fed 2-3x/day.

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