177. Mia and catch up time

Sorry guys for being MIA for a while I've only just managed to get proper wifi sorted in the flat up until Wednesday I had been using a dongle that my mum paid for and then on Wednesday I finally got a telephone line fitted and broadband. I started off by using talk talk, but they were telling me that it was 'normal for it to take 45 minutes for it to load one page'. So then I went in to town and connected to Virgin and as soon as it was fitted it was working straight away on some of the fastest broadband speeds that I've ever seen which was amazing. 

Magic is doing really well, he's turning into a lovely sweet horse. He loves being brushed and the other day he had his first proper bath, only for it to rain the next day and magic to end up rolling in the worlds biggest puddle ever. He came in looking like the worlds biggest mud monster ever. He's also getting loads better at picking his feet up, we still have lots more work to do on the back ones but he's slowly getting there. He's also been out for a couple of walks on the road with another horse which he's really enjoyed although he still needs to work better on pacing himself slowly. We haven't done much work with the bit recently as to be honest I just want to take things slowly with him and make sure that everything gets taken at his speed. 

My riding is also doing loads better, the other day I did some jumping with Gatsby. I had been riding with Stan but unfortunately he had an injury to his nose so he's unable to be rode at the moment. With Stan we have been working on going in to an outline and maintaing it and becoming more consistent. With Gatsby we worked on the outline with out stirrups and then we did some jumping (obviously with stirrups). We hadn't jumped in a while and were supposed to be staying in trot when approaching the fence but we ended up cantering into the fence instead, and I managed to really take control over the jumps which gave me a massive confidence boost. 

Casper is also doing really well, he comes to see Magic with me every day and normally while I'm brushing Magic Jack takes him out in the field and lets him let some steam off. He's finally started to put weight on although he still doesn't like being left in on his own but slowly he is getting more used to it. It's just going to take time and patience for him to move past whatever happened to him before I got him.

Jack's also got a new job, it's a delivery job for a company called Yodel. He gets the parcels delivered to my mums house in the morning and they can get there any time for between 8 and 9 in the morning. I then help him to create a list that is the order that the parcels need to be delivered in. After this my mum will then bring me home for me to catch up and do any jobs that I need to do and then Jack will deliver the parcels and meet me at home later that day. I've also started working more and more on improving my embroidery business as well as my photography business so I am sure I will have lots of fun updates for you in the future. 

But for now I'm exhausted so i'm going to curl up in bed and chill out and watch Netflix. I'm a massive fan of orange is the new black but I'm a series behind so think it's time for me to catch up on that! 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, and Casper.  


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