180. Flat footed and a sneaky vidoe!

Well the past few days have't really been that eventful to be honest. For the past three days I've been having health issues with passing out again, including yesterday passing out down my flat stairs while on the way to take my dog out. Which I've got to say was quite painful and uncomfortable. I've also been none stop sleeping for the past few days and really couldn't tell you why, I'm just not able to stay awake for whatever reason. 

Magic is doing really well on Monday I thought that he was a bit off, Mum had bought him in from the field in the morning as I wasn't very well and fed him and then I went up to see him in the evening. When I got there we did a bit more work on getting him used to having his bit in, which i've got to say he excelled himself at, and as he was walking around he didn't look 100% himself. But then as I went to put him in the field I noticed that his front right leg (if you were looking at him from behind) looked like he was dragging it. I have no idea why though as the next day when Lynn looked at him he looked completely fine. My yard owner (Lynn) thinks it is because he is really flat footed, so I have spoken to the guy who is hopefully going to be my new farrier and I am just waiting for a text back off him. So hoping that soon he will be a little bit more comfortable but to be honest I don't know a lot about being flat footed, so can someone explain to me the things I might need to do differently. Obviously I am going to look in to this in more detail but if any of you guys can give me any advice that would be really helpful. 

Casper is also doing really well, he's been chilling with me in the mornings while Jack is at work, and catching up on sleep and then when Jack gets in he gets hyper again. So all in all things are pretty boring here but at least they are uneventful. But anyway I can feel myself falling asleep again, so I'm going to leave this post at this and update you all again soon. 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Casper and Magic. 


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