207 - Magic is LAME

Okay, he is not literally lame, but he is. I think i remember telling you guys about the splinter that Magic had, well he is still lame, I know that they had to take a bit off his frog away so I do expect it to be sensitive but today the poor sod just looked LAME! There's no other word for it, he looked sad and droopy and just not his normal happy self. Tomorrow Lynne should be back and I know when she is the farrier is coming out to check on all of the horses so maybe then I will have an answer to what is wrong with Magic. If not it looks like it is going to be a nice vets bill for us, the joys. Other than that Magic is fine, he's looking nice, his weight is good and he's growing rapidly. It amazes me just how big he is sometimes, and he's got plenty more growing to do. He loves his cuddles and fuss, even when he is out in the field and I just go and sit with him. He loves to be groomed although he doesn't love to have his feet picked up but this is something that we are working on, one day we will get there, but for the minute we just take each day as it comes. 

Casper is doing better, he's still not on a dog food diet, he eats rice and pasta with some form of meat, and a bit of Gravy. He's slowly starting to put weight on although not huge amounts and he has stopped being sick. So hopefully things are looking up for him, I don't think anyone will ever really know what happened to him before I got him but slowly but surely he is improving with us. He gets lots of love, fuss and cuddles, hours of walking and of course plenty of hours playing in a field. Oh and of course he sneaks up on to the bed for cuddles with me (whether Jack's here or not).

Other than that things are quiet, I'm hoping that I have got a part time job, only doing the serve legal job that I have a few summers ago, but still it's savings and it's better than nothing, so that's the way that I look at it. I plan to start saving for practical purposes and of course just having fun. 

Tomorrow I will do a more detailed post for you guys but for the minute I'm off to sleep..

Night everyone 
Amber, Magic and Casper :) xxx 

p.s she's lying, i want cuddles first ;P love you mum night yalllllll peace (from jack)


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