Digging dogs, and chilled out ponies.

Well the past few days have been interesting to say the least. After our long walk with Magic on Thursday, we spent the day chilling out on Friday. We spent the morning playing games, and catching up on what was on T.V. before heading over to my mums with the dogs. While they spent a good few hours playing out in the garden, Jack and my mum made brownies, and I spoke to my dad for a bit. Before Jack and I then decided to fit our new speakers in our new car. It took us a while to do it but we managed it in the end. We then came home and chilled out, while Jack started playing our new game Mafia 3 I spent some time watching T.V. 

Saturday was another quiet day,  I didn't see Magic today, as to be honest I was exhausted. He hadn't been in and he didn't need anything doing to his stable (I did check) so I left him out in the field with his friends for a few days. Today's been another quiet day, that is until I got back to the flat. Now as you'll know from the post that I wrote about three days ago, we have two dogs. One who's a bit older and one who is a baby and is still learning. Now if anyone has some suggestions of how to sort this dog out that would be greatly appreciated. Some days he's great, he'll ask to go out when he needs to, he'll chill out, he doesn't chew anything and is just a generally really nice dog. Then there is days like today. 

We woke up this morning and both dogs went out. We went out and did what we needed to do, came back and decided it was another film day in bed, both the dogs curled up either on the bed with us or lay on the floor chilling out. Then before we needed to go out we let the dogs out again! Tidied the flat up and left with both the dogs chilling out on the bed. They both looked happy and relaxed that was until we got back. I walked in the flat to find Diesel is teething (I'm not really bothered about this I'll get him some toys to help with it), he's decided it's GREAT FUN to dig at the front door, no idea how to stop this so if anyone does have any ideas then please let me know? Because of the digging I asked him what he'd done and told him off, he then decided to pee in the flat all over a duvet. So if anyone has any ideas on how to stop a dog digging that's a puppy and only does it when I'm NOT here that would be greatly appreciated. 

I've got lots of plans for Magic over the next week, we're going to do some more work in the school, going back to doing Parelli but also hopefully start to get him trotting in hand. I don't want him to do huge amounts of trotting, just want him to be able to trot when asked to as he's still not great at this he's getting there but he's not perfect. He's going to get lots of fuss and attention and a really good groom tomorrow. I'm also hoping to get him booked in to have his teeth checked out soon as this is something that he hasn't had done yet. Well slowly get there, but mostly I just want to have fun with him. If that means we spend some days just chilling in the field together than that's what we will do, if it means we go on long walks that's what we will do, it all just depends on what each day brings. 

As for tomorrow i'll be heading over to my mums in the morning to do some jobs, and possibly be taking the dogs with me again for them to have another run around. But for now i'm going to curl up, chill out, look through some of my online university work and research how to get Diesel to stop digging. 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel (even if he is in trouble)!! 


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