I'm back, and I've got plenty of pictures to share!

Well I tried writing this blog post yesterday, and then today I ended up deleting everything. It's been that long since I've blogged that I don't think I'd be able to catch you all up on everything in just one post. So I'm going to go about it differently and start off by letting you  know what I've been up to recently and then I'll just fill in the gaps as I go along. For those of you who don't have me on Facebook I've also had Magic in Derbyshire for a year now, while I've owned him since day one he's been all mine officially for just over a year and what a journey it's been. 

So today I took Magic for a walk, I think we calculated that we walked between 3 miles and 4 miles. This was the first time that I had taken Magic out in ages due to his lameness issues which are now all resolved. Which also enabled us to give him his second proper trim for his hooves. The farrier was really good with him, I wasn't actually there as I'd booked to have Magic's feet done at the same time as my Yard Owners horses. So she looked after Magic and was there while he had his feet done, apparently he was a bit spooky for the front feet but soon settled down and was fine for the back feet. I'm hoping in time he'll really settle down and just be able to have them all done calmly. Unfortunately that just hasn't quite happened at the moment. But slowly we'll get there. 
Okay so I may have forgot to tell you guys one thing, not only has Magic had his feet trimmed. He's also had his mane trimmed for the first time, it was getting to long and difficult to brush. I figured it was causing him more pain trying to sort it so he got a hair cut! 
Anyway back to todays walk, we walked from my yard, to my mum and dads house where we stopped and had a break and Magic tried to cut my mum's grass. Back to the yard again. Jack followed us in the car with his hazards on because I was a bit wary of taking Magic out on his own after having such a long time off. But Magic was amazing and we only really had one problem but that was due to a bus! You'll probably all remember that Magic gets a little bit spooked by buses, well this bus driver was actually really amazing, he slowed down and waited for Magic to be calm and then pass, but unfortunately the sound of the bus just sent him a little bit over board and he had a very mild tantrum. When we got back to the yard I popped Magic in his stable for a bit to have some of his hay net and then have his hard feed and Lynn popped him out later for me. 
Hard to believe at one point this hi viz was to big for him, now look at it, but for today we just had to make do so that's what we did. 
So what else is new with me? Well i'm sure that you will all remember Casper my little rescue doggy, but I don't think any of you will know who Diesel is. Diesel is my other rescue puppy, he's about 6 months old now, (I've had him just over a month), staffordshire bull terrier x pit bull. He's like casper an extremely loving personality who just wants to have lots of fun, and most importantly Casper just loves having him around! Diesel and casper both love to go on long walks, and pretty much love going wherever we go, they take trips to the stables with me in the evening for runs in the field. They cuddle up in bed with me and keep me warm and most of all they're just really comforting to have. When i'm having a bad day and really don't feel well enough to get up to Magic the dogs keep me motivated to get up and do SOMETHING! Even if it's just a quick walk to where the shops are near me and back.
My other two fur babies, both loving cuddles on the bed and chilling out and of course Casper loves his kisses. 

But lastly my main man! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever! 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel.


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