55. why does life always get in the way

I really want to keep writing my blog, I've had this blog for a long time and it's been a great outlet for how I'm feeling, for growing as a person, and for developing my knowledge as a horse owner/rider. But sometimes life just gets in the way! I want to blog, I want to sit down in an evening and chill out and write things on here but half the time by the time that I have done the jobs that I need to do and get on my laptop I feel exhausted, then the next day comes and the same thing happens. So while my blogging may not be consistent I do feel like I want to keep blogging and will keep taking every spare opportunity that i get to blog. 

So life is good here, magic is great. He's had a bump to his knee, so his knee is quite swollen at the minute but we think we realised where all these bumps are coming from. For whatever reason Magic stumbles when he gets up, and finds it hard to get up some times, so then he knocks himself on walls, or doors or anything that is really in his way. So on Tuesday or it might have been wednesday we made Magic the bed of all beds, it is MASSIVE. My yard owner suggested putting a deep litter bed in for him, now you all know that I am not a fan of deep beds, I like nice, pretty, fluffy shavings beds. But she said I could have a big round bale of straw for £20. She said i probably wouldn't get it all in but I could put the extra in bags. Well Jack, being Jack, decided that he could put the WHOLE bale in and to be fair it did go in. So he's now got a very big, very nice comfy bed. Honestly I would happily sleep in it. 

What else is new with me, i'm going to be moving flats on the 8th of March. Instead of being in a 1 room bed sit flat I'm going to be in a 2 bed room flat and I can not wait. I'm looking forward to having lots more room. I'm looking forward to decorating and getting a new flat, making it ours, making it not just a flat but an actual home, with all the mad little decoration things in it. I've got colour schemes for all the rooms all though I'm not sure what I think about the bathroom at the moment. I won't spoil the surprise but all I will say is that it's Jack's choice of colours. 

On the note I'm now off to curl up in bed with my puppies, the perfect end to a good day is curling up with diesel and casper. 

Until Next Time 
Amber Rose  


  1. I know what you mean life can be super busy! Cant wait to see what colors you have picked!


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