57. Not such a big gap this time

Well it has only been two days since I last posted, I'm definitely making more of an effort and even though it's nearly 11pm and I should probably be curled up in bed so that I actually get an earlier than normal night. Today's been a hectic day, it was supposed to be a quiet, but that didn't quiet work out. My mum did Magic this morning, like she does every morning, and he was very good for her. Then I woke up at around lunch time, after another night where I didn't go to sleep until about 3 or maybe even 4am. 

When I woke up I chilled out on the playstation for a little bit, playing new games on the new tv, it's HUGE. After Jack and I had properly woken up we took the dogs for a walk, they were so funny to watch. Diesel loves to play with sticks and Casper loves to play with balls. So we took a foot ball and an old bat and the dogs played with that, it was hilarious watching them both on an end of the bat watching them both run together. We then bought them back to the flat, sticking of wet dog, soaking wet and muddy to hell. 

We then went to B&M to get the dogs some dog food and some bits for the new flat. I got a 'Memories' photo frame, I love it, Jack's not a fan of photographs so he's not really bothered by it. I got a key holder in the shape of a key, I think it looks quite cool to be fair, it'll go in the kitchen and might be the final answer to me not losing my keys! 

After this we went to see Magic, he's such a good boy, and his knee has gone down loads. It's still a little bit swollen but after a day out and about, moving around the swelling appears to have gone down loads. I'll keep an eye on it though. I gave him his food, gave him a fuss and then went to see my mum and uncle at my mums house for a little bit. 

When we got him I decided it was time to get my butt in to gear. It's a week and two days until we move and intend to have everything organised and ready for the night before so that the day that we move we can go and get the keys, go get connor, then get everything packed up, and get everything moved in to the new flat. So today I mega cleaned the bathroom, so that I won't have to do it again. I sorted out the final bits that I can pack (things that were on top of cupboards) and then cleaned down the kitchen. So the only things that I really have left to do is sort out the cupboards that have got food in, sort out the fridge, move everything out of the flat and then hoover the floor. That sounds so simple when I write it like that but we all know that things never really go to plan! 

I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, probably sort Magic, walk the dogs and then chill out, but who knows what the day will bring. 

On that note I'm off to let the dogs out, and watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. 

Until Next Time 
Amber And Magic, Casper And Diesel. 


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