a brief update

Hello everyone, 

Okay so it's been a really long time since I posted but this time it's not been because I was too tired or because I couldn't be bothered, it's been because I physically couldn't. So some of you that have me on facebook will know that I actually moved houses on the 8th March, this meant lots of decorating and actually left us without broadband for nearly three and a half weeks, when it should have been two weeks. BT have turned out to be a complete night mare but we have now finally got everything up and running, so I've spent the first couple of days catching up with my emails and the essential things and I am now getting back in to blogging both on here and my oriflame beauty blog. 

So we now have a two bed flat that's quite spacious, the dogs enjoy having more room to run around and play, I enjoy having more room and room to actually put things where they belong, which isn't always the easiest of tasks, and Jack enjoys having room to play on his playstation without the background noise of my T.V. driving him insane. 

We spent the first week completely decorating the flat, every room had it's own colour scheme but I was determined to get a room done at a time so that I could slowly unpack everything  and get rid of all the boxes. The first room that I got done was the front room, the colour scheme in there was all chocolate browns and beiges, we go the T.V on the wall and some lovely crushed velvet curtains that my mum made. The next room that we did was the bathroom, as I love bedrooms that are quite dark the colour scheme in here was black and red. The third room that we did was the kitchen, jack and I made a deal that I could have a pink kitchen if he could have a yellow bathroom, so my kitchen is bubblegum lilac and pink, while the bathroom is bright yellow and navy. While i initially wasn't keen on the bathroom it has slowly warmed to me. 

The dogs are now enjoying the fact that they get to go out more often and get two walks a day for about an hour every day. They then also get walked by me in the evening, during the two walks that jack comes on they get to go off the lead and chase after the balls. When I take them we walk around the roads and they have to stay on the leads and walk nicely. They're having lots of training done at the moment and are becoming lovely well behaved dogs. 

Magic is doing really well, he's now out all day without a rug. He's happy he's having no health problems and he is growing really nicely. He's calm and much better when being handled and has basically lost his entire food aggression, he still has days where he feels quite arsey about it but they are coming few and far between so that makes me happy. He gets complimented on how he is starting to look and I'm hoping this year to really start working with him and developing his skills. While he has had time to be a baby, it'll soon be time for him to start working and developing himself. 

Until Next time 
Amber, Magic, casper and diesel 


  1. Glad things are settling! Pink kitchen sounds awesome I used to have a pink bedroom:)

  2. thank you lovely, it's taken a while to get settled but loving it now we are settled in.


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