car desensitisation

So as I'm sure that you will all remember I used to walk Magic out all the time on the road. Unfortunately he then got poorly, so we had to stop doing this as at one point he was on box rest with literally no walks. So today for the first time in ages I took advantage of the sunny day and we went on our first 'walk out' of the year. It wasn't long but it was good and it was well behaved. Lynn has quite a long drive way down to the farm, so to get Magic used to traffic again we walked to the top of the drive and then stood for a few minutes. 

Both my mum and jack were there to make him feel more comfortable with this and we took it entirely at Magic's pace. Allowing him to look at things but encouraging him to move on and not just stand still and freak out. We stood at the top of the drive for 5-6 minutes and just let him see what was coming and going until he was feeling much calmer and was happy to stand and trim the grass by the pavement! 

We then walked politely back down to the yard before doing something normal and walking around the caravans. Something that he has grown very good at. Since his poorly episode earlier in the year and the end of last year Magic is doing a million times better. He's calm, confident and a hundred times better. 

Today I sent his pictures and videos to an online friend that hasn't seen anything he's done since he's been getting better and she said that she was so impressed with him. That he was looking better and much happier and has advised me more about the bitting process. She's been a really good friend since I owned Magic and has always helped me out as much as possible, so when ever I have any questions she is one of the first people that I go to. 

I'm so proud of Magic's progress and think that he is really coming on. I haven't yet got around to putting his video of walking on youtube yet, so once I've done that I'll up load the video to here, but that will more than likely be tomorrow now. So on that Note I will leave you with some pictures of my ever growing beautiful boy. 
My pretty by isn't such a baby, with his bridle on, he's starting to look more and more grown up every day.

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel 


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