day 2 of Magic's 'coming in to work' - lunging

So today was the second consistent day that Magic has had to do something different, where he's had to learn and he's had to think about what he is doing. 

So I'll start with yesterday, yesterday Magic has had Bridle on again and went for his second walk out of the yard in a while. We did not walk far out just to the top of the drive and back, we then stood around and waited for a little while. Magic was super nervous due to the fact that he has never seen cows before. However he stood there nicely for a while and got used to the cows and I waited until he had settled down before bringing him back on to the yard. He then had to stand in the stable next to his (with his Bridle on) while he was wandering around, and at the same time I played Cow noises that I found on youtube (my mum's idea) to desensitise him to the sound so that next time it might be a little bit less scary. 

Below are some pictures from yesterday.
Such a beautiful big little baby. so proud of how well he is coming on at the moment. 
Today we did something a little bit different, I've recently been advised to start getting Magic used to listening to voice commands, to doing little bits of lunging (obviously not to much as he is still a baby). Basically just to get him working and using his hind end (which isn't very strong), and listening to my voice. Today was the first day that he had ever been lunged (there is a video below) my yard owner, Lynn showed me how to get him started, and he was so good, he picked up the idea very quickly and I was super happy with the work that we did. We only did 5 minutes each way but it very quickly became evident that he has already got a stronger and a weaker rein, this just happens to be the rein that I am also stronger on. So his better rein at the moment is his left rein and his weaker rein is his right rein. Please check out the video that is below. 

Tomorrow we will have another small walk out with head collar and bridle on, then on Thursday he will go back in the school again and I think that we will keep alternating days like this for a while just to get him used to it. 

So that's all for now. 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel 


  1. Sounds like he is making good progress! What breed of horse is Magic?


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