some pics :)

Well it has been a few days since my last post, I have wanted to post but unfortunately I've been unable to due to the fact that BT are awful. So I'm currently having arguments with them to do with why they can't provide the service that I am paying for. It's so frustrating and so annoying on my behalf. 

Magic is doing GREAT, he's turning in to a really lovely not so little horse. He's friendly, polite and always willing to learn, he's also completely past his food aggression phase and will now leave his food to come and look at you and have a fuss before going back to his food. It's taken a long time to get him to this point but now that he is here I am so happy about how he is doing. The most important part is how gentle and loving he is, I'm so impressed with him. Below are some pictures. 

My internet is now playing up again so I'm going to have to leave it at this quick short post for today. 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel 


  1. Glad Magic is doing well he is so Handsome:)

  2. sorry it has taken so long to reply to your comment, thank you so much for your lovely comments :)


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