an update on the best horse in the world

okay so it's been quite a while since I've posted on here, I think that it would be honest to say that I can't really remember the last time that I've posted on here, but as I took the opportunity to enjoy the snowy scenery and take some photographs of magic, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get back in to regularly posting.

So Magic is coming on really well, he has changed loads over the past year, and is becoming a very gentle giant. At just over two and a half years old, he's already standing at over 16.2hh, and he's now starting to chunk out nicely as well. We currently lunge twice a week, we are doing more walking out on the roads and slowly introducing him to new things. Of course I have cuteness overload in the form of pictures for you all. I am so happy that magic is also coming in to winter nicely, I'll have to admit that after last winter I was a little bit nervous that he would be poorly again but he hasn't been! He's got a nice coat, he's looking healthy and he's not underweight. He lunges nicely both ways, he walks in hand nicely, we have more work to do on the trotting in hand but I know in time we will get there.

I am also currently riding two horses for Lynn, my yard owner, a gorgeous 17 hand black gelding called Stan, he's so similar to Gatsby, which is always refreshing and nice to ride. I'm also riding a smaller grey mare called Derry, I haven't got any pictures of my riding at the moment, well not any that I want to share as it's safe to say after not riding for a year I'm just a little bit rusty. But i'm just really happy to be back on a horse again, I also can not wait to ride magic, even if I have got a long way to go before that's going to happen.

I'm also currently on a mission to lose weight since October I have lost a stone and 2 ibs and the reason for this is a) I need to lose weight and b) I am undergoing my BHS training, I have already completed my first BHS exam, my stage 1 care and passed it, I plan on undergoing my stage 2 in the new year with the aim of owning my own equestrian business when I am older and more qualified. While I know that it's going to take a while and be a long hard progress it is something that I want to do and believe that I can do.

But I do not want to make this post to long, so I'll leave it here and I'll leave you with some photo's of the gorgeous magic moo!

Until Next Time
Amber and Magic


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