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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting over the Christmas period, I thought that I would have some time off ready to hit the new year with posts every date and plenty of magic updates. When I first started writing this blog it was a journey to getting my own horse, a journey through my riding, and a journey to where I would end up in life. Now part of that journey has been completed, I have my very own horse, the only real dream that I have had since a young age has come true, and I'm not going to stop there. So as life is a journey I've decided that the best thing to do is keep writing my blog. So what's to come in this journey? Me completing my BHS stages and exams, both in riding, teaching, care and lunging. I aim to get my own stables and yard, that will primarily be a livery yard but will also be a rescuing and rehoming centre for animals that really need help, while it will mainly be horses, I'd like to think that I could include other animals too. Making Magic the best horse that he can be, Magic is already doing so well, everything that I ask him to do he just takes in his stride and he is always willing to learn. While I know that he is not your traditional horse my aim is to compete at dressage with him, as well as have lots of fun along the way! My other aims are smaller and simpler, things such as become good at dealing with finances, get my health in better condition and also lose weight. So I think that I have plenty of writing to do that you guys can all enjoy.

Magic has been doing really well recently, he has had Christmas off to just enjoy being a horse and get lots of fuss and attention. Just before Christmas his roller came so magic has had this on twice, once when he was being lunged and once when we were just having some fuss in the stable. Magic has also been clipped for the second year, last year he had a fully body clip just leaving his legs fury, however I think that was too much, so this year magic has had a trace clip and he looks really good. It makes him look older than he is but I think part of that is his personality. His lunging is coming on well, he can lunge in both directions competently at walk and trot, we have yet to try canter. He can free school, although this is something that we do less often but again he is competent with walk and trot, voice prompts and directions. He is a very trusting willing horse who over the next few months is going to begin his journey towards ready to start being backed at three.

I am getting there slowly with my goals, but they are things that will take time, my weight tends to yo-yo up an down but this is something that I am used to. Unfortunately due to bad health, and problems with my legs, my doctor has decided that I can't do any strenuous activity for the moment. So that means that I am currently limited on what I can do until I see the physio next Wednesday, So for the minute the dogs are being walked, calories are being watched, and light activity at the gym is happening if I feel up to it. Since going on my journey to lose weight I have lost roughly a stone and a half and I plan to keep losing more. Come January I'm going to become even stricter with what I am and am not doing towards this goal as well.

So on that note this post has got a bit longer than I planned for it to be, so I'm off to do some clothes washing, watch T.V. and try and get warm.

Until next time
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel


  1. You doing really well with Magic and calming Casper and Diesel as well as the weight battle keep it up.


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