Hide and seek with magic and a wish list

Hi y'all

Well today has been a good day, I didn't get the world's best nights sleep but I managed to eventually sleep the whole morning away. Jack and I then went to my mums for lunch, every year my uncle and his girlfriend come down for an early Christmas lunch as they never come for christmas. So today was the day, we did the normal pleasantry conversations and talked about not a lot, but while it was good to see them he is also completely and utterly insane. After this we went to see magic moo. 

Now my little man is a complete and utter nightmare at keeping his bed clean! Every night without fail he trashes it, and every day I'll think maybe tomorrow will be better but that day hasn't come yet. I put him two huge haynets up, cleaned all his bedding up and made him a nice big fluffy bed. I then sorted his tea ready for when I came in. Now normally when I am there magic will appear at some point so when he ddo not appear I decided to take a trek down the field and find out where he was. I walked I to the field where they all were and expected to see magic there but I was amazed when he wasn't there. 

I looked around and eventually found magic the other side of the bottom wall, like you can see in the above picture. I have no idea why he was there on his own but he was, so I walked all the way down to get him, it was almost like he couldn't remember where he was or how to get out it was one of the oddest things that I have seen. He soon came and said hello but I am not entirely sure why he decided that he did not want to come up with the rest but once he came to me he was more than happy to follow me up. So I bought him up put him in his stable and gave him his tea. 

After this we did a few more jobs before it was time to go and say good bye to my uncle. I've spent the last few days looking in to things that in would like to buy for magic when it comes to time for him to be rode! The first thing that i have always wanted for my boy is a sue Carson dressage saddle. To me this is the most amazing saddle ever to ride in, its so comfy and helps with my position so much. So it is something that I intend to get him. The next thing that I would like to buy is a LeMieux set with saddle cloth (dressage cut) fly viel, possibly bandages in teal. Its not a colour that I thought I would like to buy but after seeing it I would be lying if I said that I hadn't fallen in love with it. Next on the list is an aqua and clear diamante browband that I think would really suit him. the final main thing that I plan to buy is a nice new bridle, I'm leaning towards the sue Carson bridle as I Love things to match.

On that note I have plenty to think about, so I am going to leave it there for now. Until tomorrow.
Amber, magic, Casper and diesel. 


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