Lunging with a cavesson session one

So today I took the plunge and went to get magic a lunge cavesson after doing a fair bit of research into it last night. I figured I needed a little bit of help with magics lunging not because he is naughty but because he is green. Some days we will have a really good lunge session, hell be foot perfect and we can get walk and trot work (we haven't started on canter yet). Other days he will do two or three good strides and then decide to stop and then stand there and stare at me or he'll try and decide that he is going the opposite way. Now I know that this isn't really him being naughty it is just him being a baby. So we will keep working on this. However I have also looked in to how I can use this to work on his ground work. The main thing that we need to work on is trotting in hand, and standing and waiting as these are not necessarily magics strong point but in time he will get there. 

Above you can see magic lunging today. I will be the first to admit that today he was not doing his best! He wasnt listening the world's best, he was a bit lazy, a bit not in the mood but we still got a couple of nice steps. So today might not have been a good day but tomorrow could be a better day. We ended tonights session with working on bridling him and bitting him. He did so much better at this, he happily accepted the bit although of course he had to have a little play. He let me do all the straps up and then he let me take it off him calmly and quietly. So while we have not had the world's best lunging session today we have had a good bitting session. We may not always have the perfect sessions but we always learn and we will continue to learn until one day we will be exactly where we have always wanted to be. 
A hello from Casper to you all 

But now I'm lying in bed watching it snow and watching the apprentice with Casper and looking back at today and what I have learnt is that every cloud has a silver lining. Things might not be perfect but I know that with lots of time and patience magic and I can get to be where we want to be. 

Until tomorrow 
Amber, magic, Casper and diesel 


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