Round two cavesson and lunging continued

Okay so I didn't manage to get a video today but after magic responded so well to his cavesson yesterday on decide to take the plunge and give it another go today. I went up to the stables and magic was already in. So I tied him up outside while I got to work on his stable, it wasnt as bad as normal today but it was still pretty trashed. I then got his grooming kit and got to doing a bit of grooming magic was being good and calm. He seemed to have a sensible head on him which is great. 

I then put his cavesson on and over the top put his bridle on him. I don't connect the  lunge line to the bridle as at the moment the idea of the bridle being on is just to get him used to the feel of it. I gave him a quick fuss before asking the lady who owns sonny if it would be okay to lunge magic in the bottom of the school while she rode. I expected magic to be quite excitable when Sonny went in to trot but he really wasnt. We only did walk work at the moment but he maintained a nice stretch and really relaxed in to lunging which I would say is the first time that he has done this. Even when sonny did bits of canter work and trot work magic still kept walking on calmly and quietly. I do wish that I had got a video of it. After this I gave magic some more fuss before quietly and calmly untacking him. He was such a good boy. 

I then popped to we my riding teacher and we have decided that its time to get magic a roller. So I have ordered his roller and that should come one day next week. 

But on that note I'm going to head to bed and to watch TV. 

Until next time 
Amber Casper diesel and magic 


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