Snow day fun day

Well I haven't been able to see magic today, the weather is awful here with plenty of Snow. While we may only have an inch or two that's more than enough for me. Instead I spent the morning curled up in bed. I then woke jack up when it was time to go to my mums for Sunday lunch. We go every week and every week I'll have something different to everyone else. We then went to Curry's to get the new kindle fire as jack accidentally broke my last one. All I need to do now is get a case for it, after all it is better to be safe than to be sorry. So I'm now sat outside Jack's uncles using my new tablet to carry on updating you all. 

I realised after I posted yesterdays post that iid forgotten to mention to very important factors these of course being Casper and Diesel. Since I've last posted on this blog the dogs have changed loads. While they do tend to still gave their odd moments of naughtiness I would be lying if I said that they were not 100 times better than they were before. The play ifighting is minimal now, they dont destroy thing's  often all though diesel does still have his little puppy phases which of course drive everyone mad. They now routinely get walked at least every other day, then the days that I don't walk them I go to the gym. Its still an uphill battle trying to get weight on Casper but he does seem to slowly be improving. Casper is the opposite and has developed the nickname little barrel dog as you can feed him the slightest little bits and he can come out his cage bloated. 

Well I best dash as still have jobs to do and still got the puppies to walk although in this weather I'm dreading it.  

Until next time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel xx 


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