a mind rambling post.

Well I thought that I had wrote a blog post yesterday but it turned out I missed it! But that's okay I'll share this video of attempting to lunge magic over poles.

Well today has been an okay day we have managed to get three viewings booked in two for tomorrow, and one for Monday (at the house that we really want). But only time will tell what is meant to be and that's okay, it's a slow process but we will get there in the end. As everyone likes to keep reminding me we have two months to find somewhere yet. We went to view another house today and it's safe to say it was HORRIBLE, there was one room I liked and the photo's looked NOTHING like what the house actually looked like. The garden was a health and safety hazard to say the least and it was absolutely awful! So that meant that we hadn't resolved any issues and also meant that there was more questions that needed to be answered.

After this we went to see Magic, I mucked out his stable and was originally just going to leave it at that, however he was being such a good pony that I decided that I would lunge him again today, I decided to make things more simple so we stuck to walk and trot walk today, sonny was in the school and it's safe to say that this doesn't phase Magic one bit at all. I can't wait to be able to write about our rides, and hacking out, and all the other things that we are going to do. He is coming on so well, he's not losing weight, he's developing muscles and he is looking great. His only small issue at the moment? Which to be honest isn't really an issue, is that he is got a very mild small amount of rain scold from being out in the field, even though he has a rug on, it's about a 8 inch patch on his neck, but it's okay it's nothing major and compared to last year I'll take a bit of rain scold.

This evening while watching t.v. I have finally got around to doing something about my debts, I've put a plan in place and am going to get on with getting my credit score sorted. I've also taken time to think about my finances more and what needs paying vs what people want! So while today hasn't been productive in the way I would have liked it to be it has been productive in other ways and that's what counts. Now just to wait for the post to come and the last few bits that I need towards sorting out my finances.

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Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic


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