a not so serene sunday

Another hectic day, I really can't wait to be able to write you all a post when I can literally just sit here and say today I had a quiet day and it felt great! Who knows maybe we will get there one day! When I woke up this morning diesel was still yelping and obviously in pain so I rang the vets back up and got him an appointment. My mum picked us up to go to the vets and I had to carry the puppy all the way down stairs as he just couldn't manage stairs.

When we got to the vets the poor little man had the worst of times, I advised them that while he's not nasty he was in a lot of pain and when you looked at his paw he likes to chew it so that it might be best for now to muzzle him. Well that was an ordeal in itself after being told to force him in to a corner and trying it their way. I eventually discovered that my way much easier (which I think I already knew it would be) and that calm, quietly, slowly and freedom of choice was a much better option. They then needed to look at his paw, which even going near it sent him spinning in circles and yelping and no matter how tight I held on (with no help at all) he just wiggled his way out of it. Eventually a vet got a nurse who knew better than I did of the best place to grip him to come and hold him, although I'd be lying if I said that they didn't get a few choice words off me in the process! They eventually decided that his nail needed to be removed as it was stripped down and completely detached which meant he would need to be sedated. I agreed to this and agreed to waiting in the room for him, when he eventually came out he looked completely drunk, and was breathing really fast, the vet went to get his pain killers and then explained that he'd bled quite a bit due to the fact his blood pressure was so high cause he was pumping that much adrenaline around his body and that he'd been fighting the anaesthetic the whole time so not to be surprised if he flaked out. Well when we got in the car he decided the safest place and happiest place for him was to curl up on my knee and just lie there, which is exactly what he did the whole way home. Once I'd got him settled in his bed with plenty of water, we then headed over to my mums for lunch.

When we got home we decided that it was time to just chill out with the dogs and have a relaxing evening now this part did go to plan! Tomorrow is going to be another hectic day as I have got to ring the estate agents to get them to attempt to sort my house out although I have no doubt that they will fail to do it and if this is the case I will then be ringing up environmental health because I really am starting to think that this house just isn't safe to live in. Everything seems to be falling apart and I really have got to the point where I have just had enough. So for now I'm off to curl up with the puppy watch heartland and browse to see what houses are available for moving closer to magic!

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Amber, Capser, Diesel and Magic


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