A rather plain and simple day

okay so todays post won't be as  long as I am absolutely exhausted. I actually managed to get to sleep at a normal time 1am instead of 4 or 5am. I then got 9 hours sleep before waking up and feeling quite rejuvenated. Jack and I watched some T.V. for a little bit before heading over to see my mum and dad.

We took my mum to the supermarket got rid of the rubbish out of the boot of my car, then went to get myself some scales (to weigh my food up so I can be stricter with my fitness pal). I'm really trying to be strict with my weight loss so everything I eat gets added to the app, and I obviously have my fitbit as well so that the calories in vs out is more accurate. I do plan on doing a blog post about my weight loss journey but that will have to be another day as to be honest i'm ready for bed now.

After we had dropped my mum off and gone home, I made tea for Jack and I before taking some time to chill out and watch the soaps. After this was done I took the dogs for a walk, I'm back on schedule with walking the dogs every other day and working magic on the opposite day. We walked 1.2 miles, and they both behaved perfectly, the dogs are coming on so well but they do need their exercise as they are both so energetic, which means no matter how ill I feel I am just going to have to get over it and get on with it. I also plan on getting them a nerf throwing ball, that throws it further and faster so that they have a different form of exercise and that more variety can be added in to their routines.

When we got back we carried on watching soaps and I did some online surveys with opinion outpost, the only online survey thing that I've found where you really do make money from, you answer surveys for so many points, build up your points then the points translate to money and you can have it deposited into your account.

So here's just a quick remind if you haven't already follow this link and check out action coins!! https://actioncoin.io/ref/344075/ For those of you that do not know action coin is an online platform, up until the 1st of March you can sign up and get 1000 action coins for FREE, you don't add you're card details or anything then for every person that signs up following your link you get some referral points and for every 5 you got a bonus amount of extra action coins another 1000! I've been signed up for less than a week and got 2040. Just think how big this could be soon!

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