Bad weather and our first spook.

Yesterday was a quiet day for Magic and myself, I wasn't feeling very well so I spent a quiet day at home and relaxed. We then had to go to the doctors for Jack's appointment to do with his eyes, and I have to say that it wasn't the most helpful of appointments. Before coming home and walking the dogs, then spending the evening in front of the T.V.  Below you will be able to see Magic and Brody working together, as you can tell both horse and small person where equally happy and both extremely excited. There was no harm done and both enjoyed it.

Today has been a much more productive day, I had to be up at 8am this morning to go to see the physiotherapist. I was there for about 45 minutes and they came to the conclusion that the muscles from the middle of my back down and my thighs up are quite tight, so are the nerves. They think this is due to the fact that they are quiet weak, so gave me three exercises to do multiple times a day to relax the muscles but also to start strengthening them up.

After this I came home and went back to sleep for a little bit before getting ready to do the jobs for the day, we had to help Jack's uncle do a job so we went to do that first. I then went to go and see Magic, he was amazing even in the horrible weather that we had today! I mucked out his stable and put his nets up before bringing him back in to his stable to put his roller on, which he accepted perfectly, his cavesson, which he didn't even flinch at and then finally his bridle minus the nose band. Now the reason I took the nose band off was so that it would not interfere with the cavesson and this worked much better than last time we tried it with the bridles nose band still on. I then took Magic down to the school, who was more than happy to walk down there. When we got in to the school I gave Magic some fuss, so that he doesn't think of the school as just being a place to work, it's also a place where he can have fun. After this we started off by lunging him to the left (his bad rein), we stayed at work because the wind was quite strong today and this isn't a weather that Magic has worked in before. He was great only having one spoke at something but as you'll see from the video that wasn't really a proper spook! We then moved on to lunging to the right, here he was good but the wind increased and it was now blowing in his face. He had a couple of moments where he tried to stop but a firm 'walk on' and encouragement saw him carry on doing the work that he was in the middle of. We lunged each way for four minutes so that today he did a total of 8 minutes being lunged. I then bought him back in and gave him some fuss and a rub. We then spent the next two minutes walking around the school, so that once the work was done he realises that we can still spend time in the school without having to be working.

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But that is it for today, in a minute I will be off to the gym, as I intend to stick to going to the gym this year as I am slowly starting to lose weight and I want to keep doing this. Tomorrow Jack has his tribunal in the afternoon to decide what is going to happen about his Employment Support Allowance, fingers crossed that it will go well and we will get the answer that we've been hoping for.

Until Tomorrow,
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel.


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