BEWARE!!! A not so happy story but a happy ending!!! BEWARE

So I'd like to start off by saying I am absolutely blown away with the response that my post on Nicki Williams has had and still is receiving for those of you that haven't read the post please follow this link....

So this is a story from a good friend of mine that also had the same misfortune of having to encounter Nicki Williams. Jade met Nicki when I did, Jade was looking for someone to loan her beautiful horse Calli. She met Nicki who gave her such reassurance, Nicki did what Nicki is good at and spoke with such confidence that Jade felt comfortable in loaning Nicki to Calli (this was before I met Nicki so will not focus to much on it). Jade had a nightmare disaster with another horse she had on loan Bella, Magic's half sister I think, and this is how Nicki and I met, Nicki agreed to take on Bella with the agreement and portraying the idea that Bella and Calli would be together, Arthur then got bought in to the equation Jade's third horse. Nicki said that the three would be kept together as a herd and wouldn't be separated. The day that Arthur came down Nicki was supposed to be meeting me so that we could meet the transporter together, however the day passed and Nicki 'ended up in hospital' (she said at the time but I do not know whether this is true or not). I went to meet Arthur and unite him with Bella. Nicki then agreed with Angie (Who owned the field that they were on) that she would feed Bell and Arthur and I would go down to check on the horses while I was checking on Magic, and that she would be coming up to, Nicki kept saying that Calli would be coming to meet the others and they'd all be reunited. There was an agreement in place that Calli and Arthur where to be togethere as they did infact have a special pair bond, something that Nicki was told about.

A few months went on during which time my partners nan was really ill and I was up and down to devon a lot. During one of my trips to Devon my mum went up to check on the two for me and found that the gate was left with out a padlock on, my mum bought the padlock and put a new one on the gate, told Nicki the code and she was supposed to text Angie, I went up when I got back and bumped in to Angie's husband who had cut the padlock off. To say he was a horrible person to deal with was an understatement, he was ranting and raving about the horses and that the horses where now his and Nicki had never paid him. Nicki reassured me that she had done and I defended her which at the time got me nothing but abuse. I then spent three days looking for transport to move the horses (as they were under the control of horses act) and a place to move them too, I also had to pay the first two weeks up front and the transport upfront and then Nicki would pay me back, she did but it took a while and a whole lot of pestering! Just in time I convinced my yard owner to help me move them and off they went to there new home. Nicki asked if I could keep an eye on them and reassured me that she would pay me petrol as it was a half an hour drive there and a half an hour drive back! Well I got the odd £10 here and there but FREQUENTLY had to cover for Nicki who was late to pay the horses, I think she only went to them once when  I took her there (although she said more). I would go up every other day and feed them, and did the best I could by them when I had ill health myself, my partners nan was dying and I was in a bad situation with money. However around May/June time Nicki decided that Bella needed to go back to Jade as Jade rightly so wanted her horse back. From what Nicki told me at the time Bella was supposed to go back and Jades foal was supposed to come down and be Arthur's field companion (again note there is no mention of Calli coming and them becoming a 3). However Nicki then threw a fit and tantrum and stamped her feet that they had got to go on a certain date and that Jade had to take the pair of them, Nicki didn't come for the horses to be returned she left that job to me. Which I told her I didn't feel comfortable doing. The horses went back to jade in a poor state, something I wish I could have done more about but I honestly did my best for them at the time.

Fast forward so many months and I've fallen out with Nicki, my mums been doing some research in to her and we come across a post finding out that Nicki had abandoned 20 animals that were seized in I believe to be October (which was around the time that I was first being introduced to her and getting to know her). Then on the 5th June Nicki was banned from having animals for 5 years, she pleaded guilty to 4 counts of not doing right by her animals (20!!!), here's the link

After coming across this I showed it to Jade and we quickly realised that one of the 20 animals was infact Calli. Calli was the only animal that they hadn't managed to track down the owner to I think. Jade and I both spent ages making phone calls, sharing posts on facebook and trying to track down where calli had gone. Now here comes the happy ending for Jade at the very beginning of the year a very honest person came across Jade's posted and admitted that she had got Calli, Calli will be returned to jade and she will finally be able to get her horse back, but the other side to this story is due to Nicki's actions a poor little girl got a pony as a birthday present to have to have it taken away from her. This woman has caused so much pain and hurt that didn't need to happen, there was no need for any of it if she had just been honest and this is another reason why I feel like it is my job to make as many people as possible aware of what she has done!

I hope that I have managed to do Jade's story justice that it deserves, and I hope that you all continue to share that as until everyone knows about her there is a chance that this woman can carry on doing exactly the same things over and over again! 11!!


  1. Brilliantly relayed I am so happy for Jade but feel so sorry for the little girl.

  2. She has had two cats siezed living in squalor two months ago they were not in good shape but luckily now ok! Now Nicki Mathews and E N Mathews


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