Clever baby and house disasters

Today has been a long day and I originally wasn't going to post anything because I just didn't feel like writing I was in to much of a bad mood even though there has been some good parts of today, but in the end I got over it and just thought get on with it.

This morning I had a lie in as I actually managed to get some sleep, when we woke up Jack and I chilled and watch some t.v. in bed before it was time to go and see Magic. I picked mum up on the way so that she could get some video footage. I'd also got to pick up some bits (but I'll get on to that later). I tacked Magic up and got him ready and he was being a really good boy, he lunged in both directions happily and contently in walk and trot while Sonny was in the school. He doesn't seem bothered at all that there is another horse in the school with him he just seems to get on with his job. I asked him for canter on his good rein and was able to pick up a stride or two but at the minute he is still unable to stay in the canter.

After this we moved on to trying long reining, this isn't something that Magic is skilled at yet but in time I am sure that he will be. We went through the same process as we did on Thursday. Mum started off by walking next to him then eventually moved away and we kept Magic going, I then tried moving to standing behind him. To say that this is only the third time that Magic has ever done this he was really good.  He was calm collected and did do what I asked him to do. He still got a little bit confused but he did what was asked of him and I can't ask for much more than that. I just need to do more work on our voice cues so that he responds when long reining more. Once I had finished with Magic Lynn then put the donkeys in the school and I have  to say that it was the funniest thing that I have seen all day, Morris the donkey was actually free school himself, he was taking himself over jumps, cantering aroung! It was the cutest thing ever and it was so fun to watch (I do have a video but it is not yet uploaded on youtube).

Jack then took my mum and me over to see my sister, I'd got to pick some bits up off her too. See I've had an idea to make myself a bit of an extra income, I'm going to try to make bath bomb and wax melts to start with and then I will move on to making soap and candles eventually. I think that this is something that could be quite profitable in the long run it's just going to take me a while to get there and that's fine it is something for me to work towards, while Jack is working.

I then came home and this is where the day went down hill. The house that I live in is basically falling apart! I mean it's completely rubbish when we viewed it, it didn't really look like there was anything wrong with it but boy how wrong was I! So after making my wax melts and some bath bombs, I went to do the washing up and the bloody underneath of my sink decided to explode everywhere. So I tried to get in contact with the emergency repair people to be told it doesn't matter and they weren't going to do anything until Monday. Well the response they got back was to the point and abrupt and I do hope that they take me seriously cause I will be doing what I said I would.

But now I'm off to browse pinterest and watch Jock of the Bushveld with Jack and the dogs.

Until Next Time
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic


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