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Okay so I am still ill which is driving me mad, I thought that I would start feeling better after a better nights sleep but unfortunately that's not the case. Today I woke up feeling even worse, with stomach ache and chest pains as well, yo-yoing between being too hot and too cold. But the plus side to not being well is that it has given me time to reflect on things and my goals for this year. So I thought that I would take the time to share these goals with you.

The first being that I want to move houses. I've known this for a little while but I'm becoming more determined. When I moved to Heanor it was only supposed to be a short rest stop until we moved in with Nicki that didn't work out (but that is a whole post for another day). I need to live closer to Magic, I need to be somewhere calmer where I can work the dogs without Jack panicking and where I can spend more time with Magic working on our fitness. I have seen a house that would be perfect but now it's just a waiting game to see whether it would be possible or not.

My next goal is to start the breaking in process with Magic this year, I would like to by the end of the year be able to sit on magic and do extreme light work, not to much of anything just enjoying the time together. Of course this means that Magic will need a saddle and lots of matchy matchy sets, but that is not the point.

By May (when Magic is 3) I would like to be able to walk, trot and possibly canter Magic on the lunge line in both directions. By this time I would like to be building up to lunging him for between 20 and 30 minutes a day. Obviously this time could be split over several sessions a day.

I would like to start making an income for myself, part of this will be through my BHS stages, I plan to continue doing these this year as well as start on my qualifications for teaching. I have also however been thinking that I need to become good at wood work. I've been looking on the internet and there is a wide market for horse equipment, mounting blocks, cavaletti's (to raise poles), wooden haynet holders to make filling nets easier, jumps and poles. I think there is a Market for personalised equipment in a wide range of fun colours at a reduced price, something that is affordable for everyone. I also obviously plan on doing my personalised equestrian products.

I want to have calmer dogs, now I know that part of this is just the fact that they need more exercising and more training. Which is something that needs to be done however due to not being well this is something that I am having to take a break from at the moment. But once I am back on track they will back on their strict schedule.

Tomorrow I plan to let you know about something else that I've been looking at for when Magic is older, and also an idea I've had about lunging with poles when Magic is older.

But for Now i'm off to try and get some sleep and watch some tv.

Until Next Time
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic


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