gym, magic's work continued.

Magic was really good today. I wasn't feeling great when I woke up this morning so I wasn't sure whether I would be up for doing Magic, however jack agreed to do his stable (which of course means magic always gets spoiled for bedding so he loves that). So I took the opportunity to take magic in to the school. I put his roller on, put his bridle on and put his cavesson on. It was the first break in the rubbish weather that we had been having all day then we took him in to the school. I really wanted to concentrate on getting Magic to relax when working. Today we did a bit harder work, doing both walk and trot work to the left and right. We stuck to doing 4 minutes work each way. Every time that I got magic to change what we were doing, I would get him to come back in to the centre and give him a fuss and a rub on his head where his white markings are, his new favourite place to be rubbed. When we had finished doing the work we then walked around the school for a little bit, just as I was about to call it quits Lynn came down and offered to show me how to start ground driving magic. It was super fun to learn and definitely something that I will be doing more work on but it is going to take us a while to get there as at the moment he finds it slightly confusing, but this is only our second ever time of trying this. I have a video below for you guys to watch. He was super good and I do believe that he was really starting to understand what we were asking him to do. I will only be doing this for a couple of minutes each time we try it as I really do not want to over work him at this early stage.

After this I went to my mums and had my tea before heading home. As today was Magic's day to be walked that unfortunately meant that the dogs didn't get walked as I alternate days, so they are a little bit hyper at the moment as they missed there normal walk yesterday because I was feeling really poorly. I then went to the gym, again I stuck to using the cross trainer and the treadmill and stuck to doing the weight loss programme on the cross trainer. This was a lot easier than it had been last time I still felt exhausted by the end of it but no pain, no gain right? I then did my normal rounds on the weight based equipments, although I ended up over doing it a little bit this time due to the fact that I have got a sore elbow and shoulder at the minute. But it's still a learning curve for me, I still have to find my boundaries and limits and find the bits that I can work more on.

I have been spending some time looking at houses today and have found a house that could be perfect, however only time will tell whether it is or not. The best part?? It is literally around the corner from Magic, so I could walk there and wouldn't have to rely on other people to take me.

But that's all I can think of that I have to tell you, so I am now off to bed to get some sleep and rest before a busy day tomorrow.

Until Next Time,
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel


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