head space was needed.

okay so I've had a few days off posting, not because I don't enjoy posting but because I needed to get my head straight on the whole housing situation, which still isn't great.

On Friday we viewed two more houses one which could have been great and one which was a just no straight away. While there was hope neither worked out as the only one we were interest came back as a no the land lord would not accept our situation. Saturday and sunday I looked for houses but came up with nothing! I knew there wasn't much chance that things would be uploaded over the weekend though. Today we went to view the PERFECT house, nicely decorated, location, size, it was the 'one' if there was ever one that could be the one. The lady showing us around seemed really positive about our situation however a couple of hours later we got a phone call that said NO, it was another door slammed shut and just wasn't something the landlord would be happy to do. This has left me in a bit of a situation where I really just don't know what to do. I keep trying to stay positive and trying to think that something will come up but right now that just isn't happening, so I've decided my only option is to wait until Thursday when futures (Council housing) is due to ring me back, and hope that they can help me in someway.

Magic has been really good over the weekend, he should have worked on Saturday but he got the day off because the school was in use. Then yesterday he should have worked but it was snowing and I was too cold to stand and lunge him. I originally planned to leave him in the school then lynn suggested that we should try the horse walker. Well to start with there was NO way that magic was going on it, I tried, Lynn tried and Jay tried, so in the end we decided that we should put him back in the school. I mucked out his stable put his nets up and remembered that I had got some hay nets. I wasn't going to let Magic win, this is something that I am strong about and just won't do. So I grabbed Magic's apples and Magic and I headed over to the school and instead of having a game of tug and war, we played the patient waiting game and eventually magic came on. Then we got it moving and he was a little bit confused about was going on but he accepted it and got on with it so this makes me super proud of the little man. This is obviously something that we need to work on more often but it takes time and time is exactly what we have got. Tomorrow I will go up and muck magic out and then lunge him after my dads birthday meal.

The dogs are good, Diesel's paw is healing well but he has had a complete weak off to have his pain killers and antibiotics and not be walked. The weather has been awful either really cold, raining or snowing, so this is the reason why I decided that the dogs wouldn't be walked as I won't walk one and not the other. Now Diesel has stopped the antibiotics and pain killers the dogs will get back to their normal feeding and walking routine.

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Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic


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