hopefully this one will be the one.

Today has been another long day but it has also been a good day! This morning we had to get up early to go walk Charlie for Daryl, he had a house inspection, so we were helping him out. Then we went over to my mums to fill in an application form for a house that we had seen yesterday, that I had really liked.

At lunch time Jack had a doctors appointment for a lump that he is found in his mouth. With his anxiety these things tend to send him through the roof so after being there for a week he needed to be seen by the doctors. They said that they think it is just a cyst, but that he needs to be seen by the dentist. While he was waiting at the doctors I headed home to let the dogs out and then walked back down to the doctors. I've been really trying for the past three days to get my health kick back in to action, so it was good to know that I had done so much so early on.

It was then a mad rush to get to the next house viewing, originally I was set on moving to the house we viewed yesterday but after listening to other peoples views we decided to put an application in for this house. The garden was big and secure, a million times better for the dogs. The kitchen was neat and tidy obviously well looked after. There is a socket for the hub to be plugged in to upstairs for jacks gaming. It has one of the fancy nice shaped baths that I really like and a heated towel rack. The front room is a nice size with patio doors to over look the garden so I can see what the dogs are doing outside. It has a drive so no more on street parking, and it also has hive, the way to heat your house by using your phone so you can turn the heating on and off from your mobile phone. The house will be having new carpets fitted and a new window panel. It's also in a quieter location with plenty of walks around and also a newer built house.

We then popped to see my sister and went to see a friend whos having a tough time this evening. Tomorrow I plan to lunge magic and do some more work with him, it's safe to say we did not have a good session yesterday so I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. But here is a video of our lunging and free schooling session from yesterday.

I also need to make sure that I walk the dogs tomorrow too, I am aching like hell and it's safe to say that the soft tissue damage that I am suffering from falling down the stairs is really kicking my butt. But I will be just carrying on like normal tomorrow, while it's going to hurt and it's going to ache, you know how the saying goes, no pain, no gain. 

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Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic.


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