house hunting and keeping myself up the arse!

Hi everyone,

Okay so I skipped out on posting yesterday and was going to skip out on it again today but I decided not to! I gave myself a kick up the arse and decided to just get on with it things aren't great now but they are what they are and that is life.

Today started off badly then got worse and has ended okay. I woke up this morning and was exhausted. I've been having problems sleeping for a while, due to the stress of my housing situation then last night I really didn't sleep well. Then when I woke up this morning I managed to fall down the stairs, my head went black and everything went cloudy and then I fell and slid half way down the stairs. I have no idea what caused it, I've put it down to stress but I really do not know.

Then we went over to my mums and I had a better look at what houses were up for rent, nothing jumped out to me as anything that we hadn't already looked at. I made Jack and myself lunch and after waiting for what felt like an eternity the council finally rang. I thought I was going to get some good news but they basically told me that I had to bid on the council houses and I would get one eventually and to keep looking at private rented houses. They then said that if nothing had come up before the 27th March legally I was allowed to stay in the house until the landlord got a warrant from the court. Like that is even a good idea?!? I think not!!!

This afternoon mum and jack and I went to look at some houses, we stopped at another local council but basically got the same answer. I then decided to look at some houses in the area I am currently living, while I do not really want to live there I think that it will do until we are in a better situation where we can be picky. So tomorrow we are viewing two houses and have at least one more to ring up about.

When we got in I was just moping around watching t.v. I had no intentions of going anywhere but it turns out two little monsters had other ideas. The dogs got silly playing down stairs eventually I figured out that they wanted to go for a walk, so I dragged my ass back out of bed got ready and took them for a walk. We walked 1.6 miles which is no where near the two and a half miles that we used to walk but it's a start. Now that Diesels paw is feeling better and now I'm not ill it's time to get back in to the gym and walking the dogs. After all the only one who I haven't slacked on has been Magic.

Speaking of Magic he is doing great above you can check out his lunging routine that we have been getting into. He did 5 and a half minutes each way, at the end you can see a bit of jumping that we did. There is no point making everything all serious we have to have some fun too! Below you can see a short clip of magic hopping over a jump on the lunge line, this isn't his strongest direction but I think that he is doing really well. Don't worry this is not something that we will be doing often but at the same time it was fun to do! I can't wait to try out free jumping him one day too!

Tomorrow is Magic's exercise day and also the day to go to the gym. This year IS going to be better and I am going to continue to lose weight and that is all that really matters!

Until Tomorrow
Amber, The tired pooches, and Magic :)


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