Lazy day when you're full of Flu

Hi all,

Well it's me again I really am trying to stick with my writing my blog more often, a) because I love writing it, and b) I know there was a couple of other bloggers that I really enjoyed this experience with.

Last night I went to the gym and had a really good session. Up until recently I've only been able to do 15 minutes on the cross trainer on the weight loss programme but last night I managed to do the full time on the programme. I then went on to doing a cool down on the treadmill which was enjoyable, I never in a million years thought that I would enjoy spending time in the gym and not find it torture but I actually am really starting to enjoy myself.

Today has been a much quieter day, unfortunately I woke up this morning not feeling very well, I think my flu symptoms have finally turned in to full on Flu and I feel awful! Jack's tribunal was this afternoon but unfortunately it got adjourned until he has got some more medical evidence. Hopefully this will be soon so that he can have a definitive answer but I have a feeling that he won't have an answer until after he has started working. We then went to look at the outside of a house in Belper, it's about five minutes away from Magic in the car, there's a gym just around the corner, I could walk to Magic, I think that it would take me about 25 minutes roughly but until I try I'm not really sure. So I asked my uncle to be my guarantor so that I could get a loan and then I'd be able to be closer to magic. My uncle has offered to lend me the money so tomorrow I plan to go to the letting agent to start the application process and get the house off the market. I can't wait to live closer to Magic, and my mum and dad again. It'll make things a lot more convenient.

My mum and dad did Magic for me today as I just felt completely run down and exhausted, it was the dog's walk day as well and I haven't got around to doing that either because I just feel too poorly. Tomorrow I plan to put Magic's roller and cavesson and bridle on again and do some more lunging. For the time being we will stick to doing four minutes one way and then another four minutes the next way. I'll do this for about another week and then increase the time to four and a half minutes so that he slowly is building his time up but he isn't doing anything in to much of a rush.  I also plan to go to the gym and if I have enough energy then hopefully the dogs will get walked too.

Anyway guys I'm off to watch Heartland some more.
Until Next Time
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel.


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