lunging, long reining and a trip to the doctors (again)!

Well today has been a bit better and a bit worse, now I know that probably sounds like a complete contradiction but it's definitely how I'm feeling. I woke up this morning and still felt awful so chose to go back to sleep. My mum said that she would do Magic for me but I still wanted to go and see him. Mum said that I was to take it easy and not do to much so while she was starting doing his stable, I decided to start off by brushing him. But then I decided that we would try and do some work so I spent some time giving him some fuss before putting all his tack/equipment back on, we then spent four and half minutes lunging to the right and then four and a half minutes to the left. It took me a while to get him to be calm and relaxed but this was due to the fact that he was quite excitable today, he was a bit all over the place but we still managed to get some nice work together. We did walk and trot in both directions, I tried to ask for the canter but that wasn't happening so we will try that again another day. After we had spent the nine minutes lunging I asked my mum to come in the school and help me and we had another go at ground driving. 

This was so much more improved than it was the last time we tried it which amazed me considering this is only the third time trying to do it. My mum started off by walking on the inside of him so that if she needed to she could come in to me and we could walk around together. However Magic got really excited so she hobbled away and off we went on our own. Magic manged to ground drive in both directions. Even managing to change directions. Now you'll see on the video that we still had a little bit of a wobble, but this is fine and this is expected as he is just a baby. I could have easily kept that part of the video however I think that it is important to show the good parts and the bad parts but more importantly to show how we over come each moment that we have. After we'd done this we gave Magic some fuss and gave him a rub on his head, his new favourite place to be rubbed. Before taking him to his stable and putting him to bed with 2 nice large haynets, a big warm bed and his favourite winter rug. 
From this (to the below) Magic not long after he had first moved to lynns I think he was around 1 here, althought I can't fully remember.

After we had done this I had to ring the out of hours doctors as I was really struggling with breathing. An hour after starting they finally rang me back and told me I had to get to the minor injuries unit NOW. So my mum took me there and after sitting and waiting for over an hour and a half, they said I needed to go back at 830 and see a doctor. From the nurses point of view she was slightly confused as my chest sounds clear, my tonsils (that weren't swollen, then were swollen) now aren't swollen again. My ear is badly infected, but they aren't sure why I am having so much trouble breathing. They've said that I need to be seen by doctors because I'm showing no signs of improvements. 
To this my gorgeous, stubborn and incredibely clever 2 and a half year old. It's mad to see how much Magic has changed over the years, but the one thing that remains the same??? That big kind look in his eye! OUR COMPLETE BFG.

Well I got to see the doctors again and my mum really had to fight my corner as the doctor wanted to leave me another night with nothing to help me out. However in the end agreed to supply me with one morphine tablet for tonight so that hopefully I can better nights sleep. So on that note I'm off to bed and to get some sleep with the faithful pooches. But before I do that I need to dry my hair.

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Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel.


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