new year.. new antibiotics.

Okay so this wasn't quite the start to the new year that I had planned, but hey things don't always go as planned right? Yesterday Jack and I spent the whole day helping his mum and dad moving. We had to be at his mum and dads for 8 but this meant that we had to get up at 7.30ish and running on 2 hours and 50 minutes sleep it was safe to say that I was completely and utterly exhausted. I woke up yesterday morning with lots of little razor blades (or what it felt like) in my throat, throat and mouth all swollen feeling terrible. I knew that I was going to need to ring the doctors but decided that I'd help with the moving first and then ring them. While Jack was helping his dad with the heavy lifting I was helping his mum get the last few bits packed and then doing the last few bits of cleaning. We got everything moved by about 3pm, so while we were following his dad taking the van back I rang the doctors and got an appointment. We then went back to his mum and dads and they bought us fish and chips. Eventually it was time to go to the doctors and when I got there the nurse practitioner said that my ears and tonsils were fine, she thought that I had got pharyngitis, so to go get some Difflam spray and rest up and ring back if I got worse. I took the Difflam spray and then went to get some sleep but woke up with my heart racing feeling really poorly Jack rang 111 for me again only to be told that I needed to be seen and someone would call me back so I waited up for an appointment for them to ring me up to tell me to drink hot drinks and paracetamol.

Today we went to my mums for lunch, I then got my mum to ring up and she managed to get me an appointment for 7.30 this evening. So we spent the afternoon chilling at my mum and dads house until it was time to go to the doctors. After waiting for an hour a doctor saw me and told me that I have an ear infection, swollen tonsils and glands, pharyngitis and  I need antibiotics. So I am now on a 10 day course of antibiotics 2, 4x a day. So now I'm at home curled up in bed watching endless episodes of Heartland, I've just started series 8 so I've got 2 seasons left to go, or is it three? I am not quite sure.

Unfortunately this meant that I have not been able to walk the dogs as I didn't feel up to it and my mum and dad did Magic for this morning, so he's had an unexpected day off. I'm hoping that tomorrow I will feel a little bit better so I'll be able to lunge him so that we can stay on plan. He is doing so well and enjoying doing the work that he is doing so I don't want to let him down, even if it is cause i'm not feeling well.

Now I have something interesting to tell you all about so a friend of mine interested me to a thing called ACTION COINS. It's similar to bit coins but it hasn't taken off fully yet, meaning the first few people that get signed up to it like me (and hopefully you guys) will get 1000 free action coins. So basically if you click this LINK HERE you will be awarded with 1000 action coins for FREE, you don't have to give your card details or anything! Once you've made your account (Which helps me) you'll then get your own referral link which will enable you to invite your own friends to help you and to save up! It's a win, win situation, I help you and you help me. This has the potential to be worth £27,000 in four years time, you literally just have to sign up leave it in the account and just let it sit for a while. This is exactly how ripple started and they are now worth £2.70 for each coin.  So again here is the link

So I hope that you guys will check this all out and enjoy it just as much as I will be doing.

On that note I'm off to get some sleep and relax.

Caio for now
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic


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