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Today has been a hectic day but it's been a good day, I didn't sleep the worlds best light night going to sleep at 4 am this morning. However my mum and dad had agreed that as they were helping me with Magic today that they would pick me up at around 10.30am so that I could exercise Magic while they did his stable. I woke up let the dogs out, and had a bagel and honey before breakfast before heading off to meet mum and dad, I always walk towards which ever way that they are driving (in my head this helps them to save petrol).

When we got up to Magic I could see that he was quite excitable, I had text Lynn asking Lynn to leave him in for me while the others went out so that I wouldn't have to go searching for him through muddy fields. This isn't something that Magic really likes but is something that I think that he needs to get used to as he can't always have his own way. I started off by popping Magic's cavesson on and his roller, I decided to leave his bridle as I wasn't feeling 100% and he wasn't being 100% willing so I didn't want to start a battle that I couldn't finish. I then attempted to walk Magic down to the school calmly and quietly, although Magic had other ideas and got all excited running around all over the place, even standing on my foot!

When we got in the school Magic was still incredibly hyper, he just wanted to be with his friends, but I wanted him to do work. As this is something that Magic isn't used to I decided that we wouldn't really try anything new today so we stuck to just lunging to the left and the right. Magic was extremely lively to start with including bucking, kicking, rearing, cantering full force. This is the first time that I've ever really seen Magic like this but at the same time it was fun to see, he wasn't being nasty, just cheeky and a bit naughty. We lunged both ways, 5 minutes each way. While I attempted to keep Magic calm and at a walk and a trot it would appear that Magic had other ideas, so I soon realised that he had got to just get the fizz out of his system and then we could do some calmer work. It took a little while but we got there in the end. He lunged both ways in walk, trot, some uncontrollable canter, and finally some asked for canter (something that he had never done before). Magic soon realised that he wasn't going to get away with not working and that he needed to work and behave to be able to go out with his friends, so while I didn't aim to teach him anything new, he did learn something new. As you will see from the video below there were a few less than perfect moments but it was all fun and games.

Mum and Dad then took me to Risley Saddlery, Dad bought me an extra long lunge line that I plan to cut in half and use for long reining magic so that it's long but it's not too long that I am falling over it. I was also surprised that he bought me a new blue bronte jacket that my mum will then embroider with my name, Magic's name and a picture of Magic. This is something that I have always wanted, so I was really excitied about it.

I'm now curled up watching big brother with the dogs. I would just like to say I am so happy by how far my post on Nicki Williams has got and I am so glad that it is reaching so many people and I really do hope that this can make a difference. So far the post has reached over 400 people and the post is still going up so please keep sharing and let as many people know about this horrible woman as you can do!

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Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic.


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