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I really feel like I am about to go mad! This year is not getting off to a great start and that is driving me mad, I blame jack for breaking a mirror on the second day of this year! only joking! Well I told you all about my issues with my house over the weekend, I emailed and said that these things needed to be resolved or environmental health would be getting involved, well yesterday morning I woke up to a email saying I was going to be handed my notice and would have to find somewhere else to live. This sent my head in to a bit of a whirl wind as I've been looking for months for somewhere else to live and nothing has come up. Then we found a lovely house that was literally round the corner from where we used to live in oakwood, it was clean tidy and soooo nice! I rang up this morning and applied for the house to get a phone call back this afternoon to tell me that the house had already been let to someone else. To say that I was gutted is an understatement!

I've then spent some time looking on the internet and come up with 4 possibilities in a similar area, these are again newer houses that I'm going to be ringing up about tomorrow. So I don't want to put to much here because I don't want to jinx it.

Anyway on to Magic, mum and dad did his stable for me today as I hadn't slept a lot last night and was feeling really poorly. I then went over to my mums to meet her and she took jack and I up to Magic, mum is my official timer and recorder for when I am working with Magic. I was lucky because Magic was already in so I gave him a fuss and a stroke before getting him ready to be lunged. I wanted to introduce something new so today I decided to place four poles on the circle that we would be lunging on. We lunged both ways and he did kind of get the idea but magic being magic he got over excited and strong. We did lunge in both directions over the poles however when I thought that magic was getting to silly I took him away from the poles and just got him to lunge nicely on a circle without the poles. I then did this until he had calmed down and then gave him a rub on his favourite spot. I then popped him back in to his stable and put his nice warm rub back on. He is being so good recently and he seems to enjoy having something to do. He still only works every other day and at the moment he lunges for roughly 5 minutes each way. Next Monday this will change and he will go up to lunging 6 minutes each way.

Then we popped over to seeing my sister for a little bit and trying to help to set up Brody's kinnect for him but we weren't able to do that. Jack had a few issues with his family but I've learnt to just leave them all to it and let them battle it out between themselves. I'm now curled up in bed with the pooches. After Diesel had his Nail removed he's been really clingy, so it's safe to say that he doesn't leave my side very often. He's currently curled up on my feet with his blanket and it's safe to say he is very happy, he's feeling better but he's still clingy. He's got three more days of tablets and then it should be back to normal for the pooches so that they can start walking again.

Anyway I am off to watch Big Brother now, nothing like a little bit of mindless t.v. before heading off to sleep.

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Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic


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