Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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About Me

Me with my Mum's teddy Bear's
Hey everyone.

My name's Amber, and as you can probably tell I am a huge horse fan and have a 'dream' of owning my own horse! I've been horse mad since I can remember and always loved visiting the zoo, and stables and loved riding donkeys every opportunity I had. Then for one of my birthdays, my present was 12 riding Lessons at Parkside Stables, Alfteton, Derby, and those 12 lessons never stopped that was years ago. Now I ride every week.

My boy Jake, he may not be Perfect but he is to me.

This blog is going to help me achieve my goals of owning my own horse, I know this is a big goal to be aiming for, but it is a goal that I have had since I was a little girl and it has never gone away. During my first few years of riding I met one of my all time favourite horses, that I would trust with my life, his name is Jake (more about him on my 'Horses I ride at the moment' page http://thewaytoheavenisonhorseback.blogspot.co.uk/p/horses-i-ride-at-moment.html). I've rode him for nearly nine years if not more I've lost count! He taught me how to ride properly and deal with awkward horses. I then spent a summer working at Parkside, working three days a week, and this is where i made some amazing friends. I also learnt a lot about what it is like actually working with horses, and realised how much hard work it is.
Tobias, a horse at Broomfield who made me confident again.

Roughly a year ago I started riding at Broomfield College and met some amazing horses, including ex show horses, ex hunters, dressage horses, and many many more types of horses. There was so many and they where all amazing. The first horse that I rode was called Haggis and was a little grey cob type of horse, who eventually went on to be rode at Derbyshire County Show. The college year ended and it came to the summer, and I was wondering where I was going to ride as I did not want to leave Broomfield and my riding to go down a level as I had come on a lot riding there. So in the Summer of 2011 I volunteered to look after the horses at Broomfield College and continued to ride some amazing horses, including Thomas and Billy, who over the summer really bought on my confidence. Term time started again and I continued doing a part time course as well as doing my sixth form course. I rode every wednesday night, and got to ride some great horses including my favourite boy (who I am hoping to do a show on) Gatsby (more about him on the horses i ride at the moment page as well).
Gatsby, taught me size doesn't matter but trust does.

So follow me and learn about the challenges that are due to come, the problems that I am going to face but most of all the great times I have riding the horses I love!

Love Amber (A girl with a Dream).


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