Horse's I ride at the moment.

Jake and Me


Gatsby and Me

Gatsby Above is Gatsby he's roughly 17hh, and is great to ride. He's a show horse and is on loan to Broomfield College I ride him once a week if not more. He's really laid back but gets excited really easily, especially when doing leg-yeilding because there's not a way that he can cheat and get out of doing it. When i volunteer at Broomfield College over the holidays this is one of the horses that I tend to ride and i absolutely adore him :).

Tobias and Me

Billy and Me

Thomas and Me



  1. They sound like really nice horses!

  1. They are all great horses, the only horse that I ride out of this lot is Gatsby. :)

  1. Beautiful horses!!Thank You For Sharing pictures.I love horses,bloodstock events

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