This time last year (well tomorrow) I had left school and was chilling out without a care in the world, all I was bothered about was riding because my riding cause hadn't changed and that was all I wanted to do, was keep riding, keep pushing myself. Work at a stable and thats when Lauren sorted out that I would work three days a week at broomfield college but to do that I had to have a CRB check URGHHH the most annoying thing ever! you might ask why? simple fact it takes far far far too long for my crb check to get done and this is what I wanted to do and it was taking to long (yes i am impationet)

Now once again its the day before my study leave and the riding's still going but this year there are changes to be made, for example I'm actually going to revise more I want to do the best I can do in both school and riding! I know not easy but damn if i dont try then what's the point!?

On to the riding sooo its two days until i get to ride again! Hopefully I will be riding my boy this week (for those of you that dont know my boy refers to a 17/18hh horse called Gatsby who i hope to be showing on the 19th of this month fingers crossed his owner will let me). I am so excited and will be working on one of the two tests that I am hoping to do! I will be working on the harder one, as this is the test that I am most worried about!The other one is a bit easier and less complicated, so thats what i need to work on. If I dont work and practice then i will never ever get better will i?

Meet my boy Gatsby :'D iloveyou!

But for now I am tired so night guys
A Girl With A Dream  x


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