Competition Finally entered.

So just wanted to let you all know I finally entered my competition for May 19th now all I have to do is hand the entry form in. eeeppp buzzing! so the form's filled in and I've entered class no.4 which is PC Novice Dressage 2009 and class no.10 which is BD Prelim no.14. Buzzing but so nervous but hey I just can't wait. I've put down my first choice of horse my 17/18hh wonder Gatsby.  (more about him on horses i ride at the moment page). He's amazing and brings out the best in my riding, its plain and simple I just adore him. Second choice is my Tobias, I competed last year on him and would love to do it again that and i just love him.  Here's the beauty filled in.

Tomorrow's school but I know my mind is going to be on learning my new tests, ones slightly harder and makes me push myself more and the other is more of a fun thing to do, that's a lot simpler and will help me to chill out. There both to bring on my confidence I'm not expecting amazing results but doing better than I did last year (I came last) will be an accomplishment in itself.

Anyway that's all for tonight I think (I might remember something else later I've got another hour :P)

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