Grey horses

Up to today I always said that I would never want a grey horse, but today I was sitting looking at 'horse' magazine and there was a pretty picture of a 7 year old Dutch Dressage Gelding that was 17hh that is was Breed from a top German Stallion!

So now I am sitting here looking at this horse thinking maybe I could have a grey horse because there is something that has drawn me to this horse and i dont know what it is, i would not say the colour because i don't normally like grey's but maybe that is because of the fact that they get so dirty so easily who knows not me?

Another thought that I have had was this its to do with the age of horses now i am not saying that we should ride horses until there last minute when its hurting them but I think that if its not hurting them and they enjoy doing it then what is the problem with it, it got me thinking when i read in 'horse' magazine that a horse at the age of 28 after 10 years off is eventing again! IS THERE REALLY ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS WHEN THE HORSE OBVIOUSLY ENJOYS WHAT IT DOES? yes if the horse was in pain it shouldnt be kept in work but i dont think theres anything wrong with it when they enjoy it and it doesnt cause them pain

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  1. Grey horses are so hard to keep clean! They basically spend most of their lives in various shades of green, yellow, and brown. But when they are cleaned up they can look so amazing, and can really stand out in a sea of bays and chestnuts.

    One lady at our barn still shows her 25 year old gelding. They were Regional Champions last year...again!

    1. thats amazing! i dont see the problem as long as its not hurting the horse in them doing it if its hurting them then yes its better to stop but if theyre not and love it keep going!

      i know i think thats what puts me off grey horses so much i think they are stunning when they are clean but they nearly always show up dirt to a certain extent black horses show up all the light marks xx


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