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My blog is here to show people my steps towards owning my own horse for my 18th birthday, which is in just over a year. While this is going to be a hard task it is something that I am passionate about and will work hard to achieve, and having been working towards achieving since just after christmas (new years eve). So far I have said up £400, and am still saving (this is a hard task for me as I love to spend money). 

Each Week I have one riding lesson at Broomfield College as part of an 8 week course that I enroll into every 8 weeks, and do an 8 week course. This morning I rode Aurthur (nickname Aurthur Bear) he is a 14hhish piebald cob, and was well behaved other than spooking! He kept spooking at a pair of fillers that had been put away, but he only spooked at them in canter. So at the end of the lesson I made him stand next to the fillers and gave him lots of fuss and attention because he stood next to them quietly (even if it only took us an hour to get him to stand there). We were working on the British Dressage Prelim No.14 test towards a competition that we are going to be doing in a few weeks, (May 19th). 

Below is a picture of Aurthur so you all know the horse that I am talking about. Well that's all for now, as I am about to leave to go to the Cinema with my mum and brother to see The Avengers.

A girl with a dream. xxx


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