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Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Hey guys

just a quick one to say hey to everyone and let you know that I'll be posting later tonight as I've got my A-level coursework fashion show tonight so will be out til 9:00 (uk time) and then ill update you all including pics

Until next time
A girl with a dream


  1. Val said...:

    I have to say that your dream sounds mighty familiar! Do not give up, even if you have to wait past 18. I finally had Harley for my own at 27! That may not seem like a long time to many, but it was long enough!

    Thanks for joining my blog.

  1. Thank you :) I've wanted my own horse since i was about 3 and all my 'friends' keep saying I wont get one cause I've waited so long but I know that I'm never going to give up

    thanks for joining mine too

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