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Tuesday, 8 May 2012
its about affording lesson's growing up I always wanted to ride it was my thing it was what made me me. It was what made me light up, feel better about my self, and know that there was something that I cold do and just have a great time doing that's just the way things where. But affording lessons werent always easy in fact if it wasn't for my amazing mummy I would probably have never rode because of how expensive it was then came all the extra things the jodhpurs, hat, gloves, etc. And this is where my nan came in because she helped me to get the things that I need to make me better at a sport that I love. Now my nan helps me out with my college course.

You might wonder why i decided to share this with you guys, it was because I wanted you to feel inspired. It might be hard to afford lessons sometimes, but in the end things always work out for you and if you love something you should never ever give up on it because its what you do. Never give up on something that makes you, you because if you did then whats the point? Never listen to people that want to pressure you into changing, and stop doing things that you love. So it was just to inspire people to do things that they love, money might be hard at times but if you realy like it and believe in it then stick at it because if you don't you'll regret :)

just something I thought would inspire you guys

A Girl With A Dream x


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