No one can teach riding so well as a horse

so today's been another long and tiring day, but lets just say nothing much has happened just been waiting and I think that is one of the most tiring things. Let's start at this morning!

This morning mum woke me up to take me up to my riding college to get my riding jacket which I ended up leaving at Broomfield yesterday in all the stress and pain, and had tried to fetch it last night but by the time I had remembered the yard was all locked up so had to wait today! I had left it outside Arthur's stable and surprisingly it was still there so it also meant that I had time to say hello to Arthur and give him some fuss cause as much as I do not like him I wouldn't have liked to see him get hurt. He looked fine there was no cuts that I can see and his legs weren't bandaged but it was still time to fetch in the horses so there was no one on the yard that I was able to ask but I think that he is fine!

Then my mum and I decided that it was best to get my hand checked as it was just over a year and a half ago that I fell over on a patch of ice and broke my hand (three bones) so we went to A&E and the long wait begin. When I first got there there was only one other person and we were told that it would not be too long a wait because there were not many people there! WRONG! 3 and A half hours we were there for in total! By the time the nurse practitioner saw me they decided that they needed to have an x-ray of my shoulder, collarbone, and hand including my scaphoid bone (which happened to be one of the bones I broke last time), and also that I needed to see the doctor because I wasn't sure if I had hit my head or not and with  having a constant headache there was a chance that I had got a mild concussion. After the x-ray it showed that my collarbone and shoulder were clear and I hadn't broken it but that my hand x'ray was showing up clear but the problem with this is that if i had broken my scaphoid bone it would not have shown up on the x-rays for 10 days or more. So then there was a wait to see the doctor but that was it they didn't want to do anything to my hand just that I needed to keep taking regular pain meds and that was it! Simple hey? We saw the doctor who said that I had got a mild concussion and that there was no chance that I hadn't hit my hand considering I had damaged most of my right side, but I also asked her what I had to do about my hand because on Tuesday I have got my AS Textiles Exam! great timing hey? She then wanted to feel my Scaphoid bone and see what she thought and she said that all the signs were that the scaphoid bone was broken, but wasn't showing up yet! So said that I needed to wear a splint, for the next two weeks til I came back for a HOT appointment! I then went to make the appointment and guess what I have to wait three weeks instead of two because in the second week I am on holiday to centreparks for a week! NHS are rubbish if it hadn't been for the fact that my mum asked about my exam I would have been sent home with NOTHING great health care there isn't there?

I asked when I could ride next and got told that as long as I felt like I was in control of the horse and that I could keep both me and the horse safe I could ride whenever I was ready, but I might ache after! I said what about next saturday as this is when my next lesson is, and got told that I had to be 100% sure I could keep me and the horse safe which i say is fair enough! Unfortunately it means that I can't have any extra riding lessons during my week off just my look hey?

Have any of you got any idea's what eases the pain after a riding accident as they argued that heat was good to ease the pain but would make the bruising worse! TYPICAL can't make their own minds up! So any advice on what helps you guys ease the pain?

Love A Girl With A Dream x


  1. Ugh, so you didn't get away with just bruises. That sounds very painful. I hope it doesn't take to long to mend.

    I'm never sure when you're supposed to use heat and when you're supposed to use cold. I always seem to get it wrong. I'm not sure if it makes me feel any better knowing that even the doctors don't seem to know!

    1. unfortunately i didnt but i was hoping that i had! it is quite saw but i think that the worst part is my hand because its broken but hasnt shown up on the xray and wont for a while so they cant put it in plaster :(

      made me feel a little better that the doctors dont know either but doesnt exactly give you much confident in the national health service does it? x


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