The pony behind the Girl

Okay so today i though i would tell you more about the horse thats made me who I am, he's a piebald cob that goes by the name of Jake, or Jakey Boo, or various different names depending on whether he behaves or not that more times than not he doesn't do. He's about 14 years old maybe older than that and thinks that hes a 3 year old that gets him to have as much fun as he really wants too. To most people he might not look like much but to me he is the best horse in the world. He might be over weight and he might be lame on and off but to me he is magical, he's a horse that bought my riding on to where it is now, and I will always love him no matter what.

Things Jake loves, carrots, food of any kind, definitely polo's, lots of attention although iif you overcrowd him he is not going to be happy. What doesn't he like? WORK, having his hoofs picked, work again and being away from his mates, yes he might be a big baby but thats why i love him. I've rode Jake for roughly nine years now, and I dont think that I can imagine life without him. Without Jake I wouldn't be me and that's a fact! 

My boy, not the best photo but this is my boy, he's a mad horse but I love him he doesn't like to work and when he does work he thinks that the best thing to do is run around none stop and go mad.

Trotting as you can see he is just a little bit over excited and like's to pull against the reins but hey thats jake for you

Jakey Boo

The joys of riding without stirrups, I can't stand doing it but some how doing it on Jake doesn't bother me too much this was a lesson after I had fallen off Tuesday about three days ago

Trotting with out stirrups

Just after jake had a spook at the camera when we were riding without stirrups wasn't the best lesson but it proved to me that I can still do it no matter how hard it is I CAN do it if i want to!

Wind in his main :')

Time for a canter on the magical pony that is Jake to be honest I think the smile on my face says it all, words cant describe how much I love this pony.

The pony behind the girl, hes more than just a horse, he's part of me and part of my life and thats the way it is going to stay
 Yes Jake might be a mad horse and yes he might miss behave but at the end of the day he is who he is and there is no way that I would ever change him! This pony is loved for the good and the bad equally. My theory when it comes to animals and people is this if you can't love them at their worst then you sure as hell don't deserve to love them at their best. Horses arent always well behaved and can be dangerous but they DON'T deserve for us to hate them no matter what!

A Girl With A Dream and Jake x


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