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Hey Guys as I promised an update :) 

I'm still missing Gatsby like mad hate not being able to ride and hate not knowing where he is! Hoping my dad will be able to find out where he is some time soon! Well who else has been watching the olympics? It was dressage today that will be continued tomorrow morning, not everyone in my family is a huge riding fan like me, my nan who used to breed horses didn't even watch it! But my dad let me watch two hours of it here and there, and I loved it saw some gorgeous horses. Tomorrow the days kicking off with Zara Philips that will be a must see I think, as she isn't riding the famous Toy Town does anyone know who it is now?  How are all your countries doing? It's more dressage tomorrow followed by cross country in the afternoon I do believer though it could possible be show jumping

Well today it's going to seem like I've done a lot but I have had a good day, even though I am aching a lot, it has been good. So this morning my sister Anne-Marie, or wee-wee as I've called her since I was little cause I couldn't say Anne-Marie and her boyfriend Mick went on holiday to Skegness for the weekend for a weekend of romance just the two of them (yeah I know it sounds so cheesy. So I helped mum look after Brody and got to feed him twice which I found really fun to do. 

He nodded off about 6ish and has been asleep ever since so I have spent this evening watching films, and curled up on my sofa, and now on my mum's chair colouring in on my Bamboo! I love that thing! Going to have to start actually drawing not just colouring in something, some time soon. Hopefully it will be sometime soon but not sure when. I'm also going to be trying to draw all my textiles idea's out on my bamboo.

Just measured my curtains and there are 92 inches by 54 and I am planning (with the help of my mum) to make my own curtains that match my animal print theme room! I know I am animal print obsessed, and always have liked it, the colour scheme of my room has gone from pink and purple to bright pink/hot pink (but making sure that it is NOT florescent pink you know the one that looks almost orange? I hate that colour) Back to the paint it will be a really girly pink and a chocolate brown :) woop woop so it's sticking with the natural colours that are in Cheetah print and white tiger prints, but adding the girly pink that I love! 

Right now I am off over to update my 'Photo Diary Page' with a new picture head over and take a look and see what you think :) 

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