hey guys I was just wondering, if you could suggest any blogs for me to follow that you find particularly fascinating and learn a lot from! 

Also if you could tell me more of what you want to see on my blog? Let me know so I can make my reading for you guys more enjoyable :'D

*yawns* going to take that as my que to head to bed! 
Night everybody :') 

Remember anything you believe in is possible!


  1. I started riding 3-4 years ago. I initially started my blog as a diary of my experiences. Now it has morphed into something that has been such a rewarding and supportive experience for me. I recognize Ruffles, Mare and Story on your followers list...I enjoy reading their blogs very much. ;-)

    1. I love their blogs, and finding out about other people's experiences. Especially on a bad day my blog always makes me feel better :). It's really cool that you started your blog as a diary and its turned in to more! It's truly inspiring.

      I started mine because I wanted to record my journey of living the dream i've had of owning my own horse and I want to inspire others as well.

      Love Amberxx

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have a lot of wonderful horses to ride. I'll check back again.

    1. Your welcome :) Love your blog.

      Thank you, if I hadn't gone to broomfield college (which was my dads idea). I would have missed out on it. Don't know what id do without horses like Gatsby.

      Look forward to hearing from you again x x


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