Day Three of updating my blog :')

Monday, 30 July 2012
Hey y'all I'm managing to update my blog like I promised. With the help of my mum who tells me when I don't double check my spellings, and when things don't make sense! Thank You Mummy.

Well today it was the dreaded day of the blood test! I had to have one to check that my liver was working properly, unfortunately I've had 3/4 in the last month so this time it really hurt, and it also hurts more because of how deep the vein is! Trust me to have difficult veins hey? 

Secondly I want to thank you all for sticking by and following me when I haven't been able to update as much as I would like to have, but now I plan to keep telling you more, even if it is just about everyday things that go on. Moving on to the better part of my blog, the part that I know you all love the HORSES! After all that is what we all love and are here about! So who's being watching the olympics? For those of you who haven't here's an update! 

Today it has been cross country day initially I wasn't a cross country kind of girl, I couldn't really understand it, then for my last lesson at Broomfield this term I got to try cross country jumping and I LOVED IT! The adrenaline was amazing and something that I really enjoyed doing. So today I have found the cross country part of the eventing particularly fascinating. Team GB are currently in 1st Place in the team rankings. And individually the results are as follows In Fifth Place - Kristina Cook. Sixth Place - Mary King. Joint 10th Place - Zara Phillips. 20th Place - Nicola Wilson. The fifth rider has yet to go but when they do I will let you know how it goes that's William Fox-Pitt. Will post again later to let you know how does.

While this is being a particularly good day for team GB, it has been a bad day for Japan with two of their riders being eliminated. This is the same case for Australia, Ireland and Canada. Just got the results and in 20nd Place - William Fox-Pitt. So that is the results for Team GB woop woop things are going well for the team, however at the moment in time they are stuck in 2nd Place behind Germany. Only showjumping left to go tomorrow will be thrilling and something to keep an eye on! As you guys have had no pictures of my riding here's the olympic team GB members and there horses.

Kristina Cook and Miners Frolic

Mary King and Imperial Cavaliar

Nicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz

William Fox-Pitt and Lionheart

Zara Phillips and High Kingdom
Love A Girl With A Dream

p.s. might be back again in a bit. 


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