Finally updating you all about whats been going on

First of all i would like to say sorry to you all for not updating as frequently as I was doing I know i haven't been on a while, but do have a good reason.

Well the past week has been rather hectic but I've decided to sit down with my laptop and update you all which could take quite a while. Back in April I started being extremely sick and this lasted for about 12 days, during which I had two anti-sickness injections and ever since then I've had good days and bad days where i start being sick and then the next day i will be fine again. Well not the monday just gone but two mondays before that I started being sick again! On the Thursday of that week I got put on a tablet called Nefapam, which unfortunately made things worse, is it caused me to not be able to sleep, and also to get horrible pins and needles all up and down my legs and arms. This lasted up until Sunday morning where my mum rang the out of hours doctors and I went to the walk-in clinic where all they told me to do was to stop the Nefapam and start back on tramadol while this solved the pins and needles it did not solve the pain and through out the day the pain increased to the point where mum rang them again and was told that she needed to have me in a&e and seen within an hour. In a&e they did blood tests (hate them!) and I was told by one doctor that they had all come back clear. The next day I went to my gp like we had been told to, who told me that the doctor in a&e had lied and that my liver function had come back negative, and my liver was extremely enlarged so i needed more blood tests and my consultant got me an emergency ultra sound scan, so i had both these done the scan came back looking clear! Tuesday the pain continued and I stayed at home. Wednesday the pain was getting worse so my mum spoke to my consultant who said that it was time to admit me, from wednesday up until the monday just gone i was in hospital on the childrens ward. During that time i had more blood tests (I might as well be a pin cushion with the amount of needles ive had in me) and a chest x-ray which came back normal, but my consultant changed around my tablets and got me on a mixture that seemed to stop me being sick and ease off the pain. Yesterday I just stayed at home and relaxed and just spent time resting. I also got a wacom bamboo graphics tablet to use with my art (below are two pictures i coloured in using it) and then today Jordan came to see me and keep me company like he had in hospital to try and distract me from the pain a bit which was really nice.

Unfortunately because of being in hospital and being ill i havent got any riding updates to give you :( I haven't even seen any of the horses since I started being sick, but I am hoping that if my liver settles down that ill be back at broomfield in no time but unfortunately it could take up to 2 months for my liver to settle down! However I will keep posting and tell you about riding lessons that I have had in the past and experiences ive had with horses over the years.

 Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream xx


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Sending positive thoughts your way....

  2. hi from Italy, I'm a show-jumping rider.
    what a nice blog =)
    keep in touch:

    1. :) thank you, I love show jumping wish i was better at it though :) xx


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