hey guys :)

Sorry that it has taken so long to post something not had the best week, with being ill the past two days and spending all day in a&e with my sister, who ended up getting that fed up that she told the doctor, what she wanted the doctor said 'we will see' and then came back with a prescription for them, can tell you that was a nightmare, when the two of us hate dealing with hospitals! But the plus side was that I got to see my big sister, who I adore spending time with and also that I got to see my cute little nephew, who is one of the best things around, hes so funny to watch and has some really funny faces, and he can say my name! which is always a good thing.

So i've not done much riding but I have been doing a lot of looking on line and have fallen in love with a new brand of riding clothes that I have got two hoodies from thats called, 'Rydale'. Don't know if anyone's got any opinions or comments on 'Rydale' Riders clothes but if you have let me know what you think of it, and feel free to suggest any other makes that you think are worth looking at.

Okay moving on to the picture of today, with not being well I haven't had time to put up a new picture on my 'Photo Diary' page well today I am going to be putting up a picture that I haven't taken but is one of my all time favourite pictures, and was taken on my lesson on saturday. let me know what you think guys :)

Hoping to be back up at broomfield this week if i am feeling better.

A Girl With A Dream xxx


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