3/4's of a way to 100.

When I first started my blog I thought that it would be something that I would update once or twice every few weeks but never did I think that I would be updating most days, and when I wasn't updating that I would be thinking about what my next post would be. Now here I am three months in and on my 75th post. Its suprised, me cause in the past i've had blog after blog after blog, I kept making them thinking 'i will start doing this again tomorrow' then just not bothered. But this blog's been different, I honestly think that I have surprised not only myself by my frequent updates, and hopefully my daily update's now that I am starting to feel better. 

The only thing that annoys me about my blog, and that I would like to say sorry to you all about is that I can't tell you about anything horsey in my life going on at the minute cause of being ill. BUT here come's the best bit of news that I think you'll all agree with me... In two or three week's I will be back to riding on my college course at Broomfield, more Gatsby times (If he has come back which I really hope that he has done but with being ill I haven't been up to the stables this summer which is just really really really frustrating because I had a whole load of plans for things that I wanted to work on and things that I wanted to practice and it's just not happened.  But there is always the next holiday and by this time next year I should have my OWN horse. woop woop woop!!!1 

When I first started riding as a little kid I never thought that my life would now revolve around horses and things horsey but it does and I love it. I wouldn't change a thing about it because horses are simply just amazing, I know not everyone is going to agree with me, but I think that most horsey people or animal people in general will agree with me, because the love and trust of an animal is something that can never be replaced, after having that feeling once, nothing will ever be as good as it, but hey I'm a 17 year old girl with a lot of dream's so I think that I'm allowed to think that way!

If there is anything that you guys want to see more of on my blog let me know! It can be past riding lesson stories that so far I haven't shared, pictures, video's, my thoughts on different issues, anything the list could go on for ever but just let me know! Right I'm lying in the most uncomfortable position to type in but it's the comfiest position for my stomach so far, so I'm going to head off. 

until next time 
A Girl With A Dream


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